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Algo Trading

Today many people don’t have a clear concept about Algo trading in India. Algo(Algorithm) trading makes use of a computer program or software to place a trade using an algorithm.
What is an Algorithm? An Algorithm is a pre-specified group of instructions that are already present in algorithm trading software. This trading is not like human – emotional.
It efficiently begins to monitor the prices of the given stock. And it automatically purchases the shares and sells them when the given criteria get matched.
SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) introduced and allowed algorithm trading in India in 2008.
In the developed markets presently, the share of Algo trading goes up to 80 percent, while in India it is around 50 percent. In the upcoming years, Algo will acquire 95% of its market shares. In a nutshell, the future of Algo trading is in light.

Benefits Of Algo Trading

  • Minimize human errors

  • Minimize emotions

  • Backtesting

  • Instill discipline

  • Save time & energy

  • Intellectual engagement

  • Trade with speed

  • Diversify trading

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