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Arbitrage Desk

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Arbitrage Desk

In insurance, the insurer (the one who sells the policy) and the insured (the one who purchases the policy) get a legal contract. The insurance policy includes information about the circumstances & conditions under which the insurance company will pay the insurance amount to either the insured person (means you) or the nominees (means your father, brother/sister, or mother). Insurance is a way of shielding yourself and your family from all types of losses like financial, health, etc.
Futurewise Wealth Management is a leading insurance broker providing a plentitude of group and individual insurance solutions that meet several life stage needs of people. The products include health, savings & investments, pension, and protection.
As per the financial year 2019 statistics, India’s life insurance policies have been sold to 2.82 percent of the people of India.
While in the financial year 2020, there was a surge in insurance policies compared to the previous year by 25%.

Benefits Of Insurance

  • You have to pay low premiums

  • Money grows in a sufficient time

  • Secure family future

  • Enjoy tax benefits

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