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Delta Hedging Desk

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Delta Hedging Desk

Delta hedging is a way wherein an investor tries to limit risks of a price fluctuation in an option by taking a complete position in the underlying assets.
That simply means if the price of the option alters, the underlying assets will go in the opposite direction. If the position is limited, the price fluctuation gets matched and the same amount of loss on the option is earned on assets.
A delta hedge needs the sale or purchase of both - underlying assets and options. Delta hedging is a technique used to mitigate risk. Individuals hedge a position in specific assets to lessen the chance of losses.
Delta hedging does not generate any profit until or unless blended with a strategy suggested by experts. Delta hedge proves beneficial when someone knows how to determine the risk involved in it.
It is not a play of a child; you need someone (like future wise wealth management) who can help you apply strategies.

Advantages of Delta Hedging Desk

  • Shield against price fluctuations

  • Never unwind the long-term holding

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