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Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are a vital part of the investment that allows an investor (a person) to invest in multiple companies with a specific amount of money.
If we understand in deep, a mutual fund is a company that acquires money from investors and invests money in securities including short-term debt, bonds, and stocks. And the mixed holdings of a mutual fund are called its portfolio. Each share reflects an investor’s segment ownership in the fund and generates income.

Types Of Mutual Fund

  • Money market funds – low risks

  • Target-date funds – a combination of bonds, stocks, and other

Mutual Funds Offer 3 Ways To Earn Money

Increased NAV (Net Asset Value)

NAV shows the price at which investors purchase or sell units of the fund. If the value of securities in the fund increases, the NAV also increases, and if the value of securities in the fund reduces, the NAV also reduces.

Capital Gains Distributions

A capital gain is a profit gained by investors if the selling price of the security gained by them is higher than the purchase price.

Dividend Payments

Mutual funds offer investors dividends out of the total profits.

Benefits Of Mutual Fund

  • Experts help manage your account

  • Investment with a low cost

  • Disciplined investing

  • Wide range of fund

  • Long-term wealth generation investments

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